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How Can You Avoid Overloading Your Cell Booster and Manage Tower Congestion?

Updated: Apr 11


Note that it is possible to get too strong a signal connection before amplification and overload the cell booster. If you see a flashing or solid orange light on the indoor unit, the booster is overload. turn the antenna to one side or the other in small increments until the lights return to normal.

Tower Congestion

Keep in mind that it is normal for internet speeds to fluctuate throughout the day. You will often see slower speeds around 6-10 PM, especially on weekends, because that is when the most people are on the cell tower. The cell tower only has so much bandwidth to give out to users. If there are more users requesting bandwidth than it has available, it will give less bandwidth per user. Metaphorically speaking, the cell tower must cut smaller slices of pie to ensure everybody gets a slice. This is called Tower Congestion.

Try pointing the antenna at a different tower nearby and test speeds at different times of the day. It is not uncommon for a tower in a city to give the best speeds early morning but slow down significantly during peak usage hours, whereas a different tower might be slightly slower, but offer more consistent speed and connection.


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