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The Net All Over Backup Battery Travel Bag



MSRP $299

Non-Subscriber $250

Subscriber $225

Intended for use in

  • Camping
  • Traveling in an RV
  • Hangar or Personal Plane
  • DJ's or MCs for Parties
  • Businesses needing Internet or Power at a Vendor Table
  • Power goes out
  • and more....

- Waterproof Travel Bag that fits a 17'' Laptop

- (3) Separate Compartments and a lot of Multi-pockets

- TSA Anti Theft

- Easy Access Power Switch

- 39600mAh 100W Power Station with USB C and (2) AC

- 40W Solar Panel

- Take your Router wherever you go!




*Doesn't include router or service.

**Doesn't include shipping costs.

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