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Our LTE broadband service will have you up and running within minutes of receiving our equipment.

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C4R-800 Cat18 Routers

MSRP $399.99

Non-Subscriber Price: $349.99

Net All Over Subscriber Price: $249.99

*Plus Shipping and Handling

  • 1 GB Ethernet Ports 

  • Advanced User Interface

  • 4X4 MIMO Antennas

  • LTE Carrier Aggregation

  • VPN Support

  • Multiple Band Locking

  • USB for Local Network Sharing

  • Wi-Fi Technology that Supports a,b,g,n and AC 802.1 Standards

And More...



We were founded by one of the innovators of Wireless Internet service, having designed one of the first outdoor wireless Internet networks in the U.S. in 1996.  Our goal is to provide high-speed Internet service to areas that either have no competitive alternative - OR - have no high speed choice at all.

How Does It Work At My Home Or Office?


Our standard router receives the LTE service and delivers it to your computers, TV's, phones, and other devices over its built-in WiFi service. If you need faster service and can install an outdoor antenna, we can provide you with a router that connects to an antenna which can be mounted on your outside eave, rooftop, tower, or wall.



Hear What Customers Have To Say

"Before I found you, I had DSL service which got me 3 Megs of speed at best. I now get about 25 Megs for just about the same price. I can actually work from home now! You are my favorite Internet Service Provider!"

- S. Kevarson, Portales NM

"I had Satellite Internet and it was fast enough - until I went over the caps, then it dropped to dial-up speed. I could never watch more than 1 or 2 movies a month until I switched to your service. Now, I can watch anything I want, as often as I want. Thanks being the best Internet provider in my area."

- P. Kaples, Chester Gap, VA

"I bought your broadband service because I live in a very rural area in Wyoming. It works great here and it has been a blessing. I got a great surprise when one of your staff told me that I could take the router with me when I travel. My husband and I have an RV and getting good service is sometimes a problem at RV parks and campgrounds. Now, we never have to worry about getting reliable service on the road."

- M. Masterson, Beckton WY


Experienced Staff

Our company president has been in the wireless Internet and broadband business since 1994! Our staff is available 24/7 in order to provide you with exceptional support and assistance.


Competitive Pricing

You will find that our Internet service is both reliable and reasonable in price. If you have a 4G/5G router now, you will find that our unlimited use service is a step up without a big change in price. If you have a satellite Internet service provider, you can forget those caps, speed slowdowns, and bottlenecks during peak hours. If you have broadband DSL, well you are really in for a treat!

Our Mission

Our goal is to deliver a reliable and fast Internet connection to every customer in every part of the United States and to provide great technical support after the sale. Our mandate is to be responsive to you from the first call you place to us and every time you need us.




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