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Are VPNs the Key to Enhanced Security and Access?

Updated: Apr 4

A VPN or Virtual Private Network is a third-party service designed to obfuscate your connection. A VPN works by rerouting your internet traffic through a remote server located in a different geographic location to give the impression you are in said location. It is most commonly used to access region-locked content, though has many other uses like staying secure on public Wi-Fi.


At Net All Over, we would recommend a VPN for two reasons:

  1. Live TV Hulu Live TV and other Live TV Networks sometimes require a static IP or other networking standards to provide content local to you. They don’t want you to watch Live TV stations for New York if you don’t live there. Because Net All Over’s service is a LTE (cellular) mobile plan that can be used anywhere if does not provide the static criteria needed. A VPN can sometimes solve this issue

  2. NAT Type Because we are not the carrier directly, we do not control the NAT (Network Address Translation) Type assigned by the cell tower. This issue often occurs in online gaming. A VPN usually solves this issue by rerouting the traffic through their own servers with a different destination NAT.

If you are getting a VPN to solve one the above issues, start with a free-trial version to verify it solves the issue just in case. Many factors apply in traffic routing so it’s hard to say a VPN will be the solution 100% of the time, but it generally solves the above problems without issues.

Listed below are some popular VPN options! (No affiliation)

  1. ExpressVPN: Known for its lightning-fast speeds, strong security measures, and wide server network spanning across 90+ countries, ExpressVPN is a popular choice for many users.

  2. NordVPN: Renowned for its excellent privacy features, vast server network, and user-friendly interface, NordVPN is a reliable option for both beginners and advanced users.

  3. CyberGhost: This VPN is lauded for its user-friendly interface and optimized servers for streaming, making it a great choice for entertainment enthusiasts.

  4. Surfshark: Offering unlimited simultaneous connections, strong security, and a budget-friendly price, Surfshark is an attractive option for users seeking value for money.


Net All Over was founded by one of the innovators of Wireless Internet (Wi-Fi) service, having designed one of the first outdoor wireless Internet networks in the U.S. in 1996. Our goal is to provide high-speed Internet service to rural or low-service areas that either have no competitive alternative – OR – have no high-speed choice at all.

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