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What Should You Do If Your Internet Fails With External Antennas?

Updated: Apr 11


This section assumes you get no Internet connection with the external antenna’s plugged in, but you can o get internet connection Without the external antenna’s plugged in. If you cannot get Internet with both the external antennas and the smaller ones that come with the device, consult the No Internet troubleshooting section for your specific router:

If you just installed the antennas,

Note that these antennas are highly directional. They need to be pointed at a nearby cell tower to function properly. Consult the map that came with the antenna for nearby towers. You can also use Cell Mapper to browse towers near you.

If the antennas worked before but no longer,

It is possible the specific tower the antenna is pointed is having issues. Try pointing the antenna to a different tower or waiting up to 24 hours for the issue to resolve.

If this does not resolve the issue, then the problem is almost certainly a hardware failure of either the antenna cables or the antenna itself.

To isolate the problem, look for any obvious breaks, kinks, or loose connections between the router and the antenna outside.

Try unplugging each of the antenna cables one at a time while testing to see if the internet comes back on. If it does, you know the cable just unplugged is bad while the cable still plugged in is functional.

Contact Net All Over for any replacements or further troubleshooting



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