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How Can You Expand Ethernet Ports for Faster Connections?

Updated: Apr 5

In some situations, connecting a device by ethernet cable can be significantly faster than connecting by Wi-Fi. This is true mainly when the devices are further away from the router. If you look at the router, you’ll notice it only has two ethernet ports. Even then, only the port marked “LAN” will work for connecting other devices. So how do you get more ports? You can get an Ethernet Switch! This is a cheap device you can find online or any electronics store. This adds more ethernet ports to your router. It’s a separate device you plug into the wall and connect an ethernet cable from the router’s LAN port. Now any other cables plugged in will communicate properly. These come in many varieties from small 5-port switches like below to 10 or 20 port smart network switches you can monitor or control remotely.



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