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How Do I Create Consistent Internet Connection With Band-Locking?

Band locking can provide a much more consistent and reliable Internet connection by making sure the modem only connects to desired bands and towers. Depending on your situation and nearby towers, band locking could significantly increase speeds or significantly decrease speeds. Band locking is easy to reverse if it does not have the intended effects so it's easy to test.

Here a few signs it could significantly improve your connection:

  • Intermittent connection drops

  • Drastically slower speeds at certain times of day

  • Signal obstructions (water, hills, or dense trees) block the closest tower

  • Having a metal roof*

The first step of band locking is verifying what bands we're currently using. We can do this by logging into the modem. Make sure you're connected by Wi-Fi or ethernet cable and type into a web browser at the top.



The password is: 1234554321

You may need to enter a username in some rare occasions. The username is: root -- Scroll down a bit on the home screen and you will see the Band information at the bottom Hover over the i icon next to 'Band'



We can see in this example it shows we're connecting to "Band 4".

Let's see what other bands are available to use instead. We use CellMapper to determine the towers closest to your location. Click the link and find your home to see nearby towers.

In the example below, we see bands 4 and 66 to the south and bands 5,12,14, and 30 to the east.


Band 4 is what it's connected to right now, so let's stop connecting to the southern tower by blocking the device from using bands 4 and 66. Back on the home screen, click 'Manual Setup' (see image below).


Once we scroll to the bottom, click 'Advanced' to see more options.


Click the gray slider to enable band masking.


The default mode is block. Let's block the device from connecting to the band 4 and 66.

Select 'LTE Bands'



Click 'Apply' when done. The change will take a few seconds to take effect and you may lose Internet connection while it switches. Within 15-20 seconds, you should start getting Internet again, and you can see the new connected band by clicking 'View More' as before.

You can always undo your changes by clicking manual setup and unchecking 'enable band masking' or select different band options.

If you have questions or concerns about this, email us at or call us at 888-425-3656

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