Tips to Boost Your Wi-Fi Signal

If you aren’t getting adequate internet speeds, then your wireless internet router signal could be the reason. Although there are various external factors that can affect your internet speeds, your Wi-Fi signal can make or break your home internet experience.

If it takes time and buffers while streaming any video, then it might be due to slow internet, and it might be the time to consider alternatives to help make your Wi-Fi signal stronger at home. Here are some tips that you can use to strengthen your Wi-Fi signals and speed up your internet.

Update Your Security To Cut Off Neighbors Who Are Freeloading Off Your Wi-Fi Network

Extra users taking up bandwidth on your network will usually slow your internet connection. If you don’t add protection to your Wi-Fi network, this means that you are opening up your network to freeloaders. That is why we recommend securing access to the routers with a complex password. Keeping your Wi-Fi network secure from intruders is extremely important as they might be using your internet for the wrong purposes. Each connected device takes up bandwidth. The more devices in use on your network, the less likely your internet speed is fast.

Configure and Optimize The Modem/Router Settings

Some routers have specific settings that prioritize bandwidth when you are streaming content or playing video games. This strategy is not as effective in certain cases when multiple users are sharing a Wi-Fi connection.

You can Request to Send (RTS) thresholds on your router. This protocol clears out the data transmission channel before any data packets are sent on it. On a congested Wi-Fi network, setting the RTS threshold to a lower number will more than likely improve your Wi-Fi performance.

Buy A New Router

The biggest and most common problem that is possibly limiting your Wi-Fi connection and speeds might be your old router. There are a few advantages to buying a new router so that you would be investing in more than just improving your internet speeds.

Buying a brand new router can give you better home security features that are compatible with a larger spectrum of devices. Extra security and compatibility will help you in creating a more secure network.

Reboot your router

It sounds simple, but rebooting your router can no doubt speed up your internet.To reboot your router, you can disconnect the router from power and turn it on again.


It would help to remember that your Wi-Fi router plays a big factor in determining the internet speeds that you’ll be able to get. Different tips can certainly help you boost your Wi-Fi signal so that you can enjoy faster internet at home.